Ar E.381 I  3 view  This first design of the Arado E.381 parasite-fighter was to be carried aloft by the Arado 234C-3 four-engine jet bomber. After being released by the carrier aircraft, the fighter started its attack and then glided to a landing on its skid. It was heavily armored, powered by a Walter HWK 109-509A-2 rocket engine and had one MK 108 30mm cannon with 45 rounds of ammunition. The pilot lay prone and entered through an upper hatch, thus he could not enter or exit after the Ar E.381 was connected to its carrier aircraft.

   Span: 5 m (16' 4.875")      Length: 4.95 m (16' 2.785")      Max. speed 900 km/hr (559 mph)

Ar 234C-3 w/Ar E.381 I